secret outdoor location,


Interstellaria is an independent 3 day outdoor music gathering on a private nature location in Bali, Indonesia.

The event will be held over the Easter weekend on 10 – 12 April 2020 with limited tickets available.

The line up is curated electronic music from psychedelic techno, house, trance, experimental, idm, ambient and everything in between.

The lush location and event settings have been selected to ensure a safe, peaceful, environmentally friendly and musically euphoric experience for attendees

The site location is kept secret and will be emailed out to ticket holders 24 hours before the start of the event.


Line up

Robert Leiner (R&S Records)
One of the great tracks to be heard on R&S Records 1992 In Order To Dance 4 compilation was the deeply mysterious Neuromancer. The name SOURCE had not yet appeared on any R&S release list, yet the man behind the Source, immensely gifted Swede ROBERT LEINER, had been studio manager and engineer of the labels own recording facility for some time.
Robert had been DJ ing from the age of 15 and had built his own recording studio in his hometown Gothenburg combining the two great passions in his life; electronics and dance music. His work for Swedish record companies and artists brought him recognition and an underground reputation in Scandinavia. However, he relocated to Belgium in the early nineties to broaden his artistic scope. Roberts first recording for R&S was released as an untitled blue label promo and resulted from a live jam. It saw the light of day in the summer 1992 and immediately found its way to the worlds influential DJs; it is now highly sought after, as no more than a few hundred copies were ever pressed!
But, it was the 1993 album Organized Noise that really turned Roberts moniker SOURCE into a household name: throughout eight elaborated avant-dance tracks he delivered a unique blend of thunderous beats, sparkling acid and trance ingredients that was greeted with rave reviews and set alight dance floors all over the global techno village. This was dance music at its very best: uncompromising, organic and brimming with pure undiluted energy.
Nurtured by a wide variety of influences, Robert has never confined himself to a single genre. As both creator and DJ, Robert Leiner gives breathtaking visions of a far higher and different level than just the norm. His commitment to exposing us to stimulating and challenging music marks Robert Leiner as a major figure in modern music.
“It has always been there, you just have to discover it !”


Jacopo (Midgar Records)

Jacopo is an Italian born dj and label manager of Midgar Records, based in Berlin and working as freelance illustrator since almost a decade.

Behind the decks, he’s creatively moving through the multiple shades of techno and masterfully mixing it with bass music and IDM, reflecting perfectly the genre-defying nature of his label.

Jacopo founded Midgar in 2014, taking care of the A&R but also the visual aesthetic of each release. The label debuted with a four-track ep from Japanese producer Wata Igarashi, a key player of Tokyo’s deep techno scene. Midgar has a wide range of interests spanning from deep, ambient and psychedelic techno and is aimed to bring a new and meaningful sound, loaded with positive energy.

The label has since released records from Ruhig, r2π, Ruff Cherry, Von Grall, Shaded Explorer, PRG/M and remix collaborations from the likes of Orphx, Yves De Mey, Nuel and Shawn O’Sullivan.
The most recent notable release is the re-issue for the first time on vinyl of Susumu Yokota’s seminal album Acid Mt. Fuji from 1994. The next months will see Forest Drive West joining the label roster with a new Ep.


Void (Alexandar Sound)

The black void of space & time.
Void is a dj, producer and label owner of Alexandar, a garden of sound in a universe of uncharted possibilities


Bnjmn (Delsin | Tresor | Rush Hour)

Having released on such acclaimed labels as Delsin, Tresor and Rush Hour it’s clear BNJMN has a knack for making music that stands out and at the same time works on the floor. Not only this, he is fast becoming known as one of the most unique DJ’s on the scene – seamlessly blending ambient, hypnotic, sci-fi Techno and beyond, all with the signature BNJMN sonic vision. After refining his sound year on year since his debut breakthrough album in 2011, the discography of the Berlin-based Brit continues to evolve; never staying the same and continuing to surprise. 2019 saw him release his second EP for the Bright Sounds imprint entitled “Sensei”, along with a full ambient release on his Tiercel label. He has also recently contributed to the Inveins and Deep Space Helsinki podcast series; as well as wowing audiences with his updated live show. 


Ones (Tantra | Casual Dance)

Ones, born in 1984, began DJing in a back2back format with Mystical Soundsystem in Yogyakarta back in 2007. In 2018 he moved to Bali and continues to be involved in many DIY and DIWO party movements in Jakarta, Jogja and Bali.

He is a member of Energyroom, an underground party crew that has been around since 2004. He is the founder of Happy Swinging and 480Minutes, iconic outdoor dance parties in Yogyakarta. In 2013, he joined Kingdom of Rebel (KOR) crew by House of Natural Fibre, a new media art collaboration, where he toured the Philippines and South Korea, playing at B-Side in Manilla, Club MWG, Cakeshop and Midnight Seoul.

Ones plays regularly at venues across Indonesia like Supanova, H Gourmet, 365 (JKT), Potatohead Beach Club, Sugarsands, Mano Beach House (Bali), Canting, Taphouse, Taj Lounge (YK) and more. He has also played at Workshop and Dr Morse in Melbourne, Australia.
Ones is still pushing the underground party movement through his Casual Dance project and is showcasing a wide range of music selections as the music director of online radio show Paddy Grooves, by Tantra Crew.
He is also an initiator for Frekuensi Antara, an online media-offline activity platform across 8 cities in Indonesia. Ones’ latest work is a documentary exploring the evolution of the dance music scene in Yogyakarta – Katalis Kota ‘Yogyakarta.’


Ness (The God's Planet | Synewave)

Ness is a dj and producer born and raised in Sardinia, acknowledged for his style over a decade of music with a background in sound engineering and many years of research and fine-tuning. He gradually developed a distinct technique with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic rhythms. Having performed in some of the most relevant clubs and festivals around the globe, he steadily releases music and collaborates with several renowned techno labels within the scene. With experience as label manager through the years with partnership on Mono Records and The Gods Planet, he later established his spin off project label Ness Reworks in 2018. Ness music and dj set are well accepted and defined as an exploration of wide range of deep hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes.


Fahmi Mursyid (One Instrument)

Fahmi Mursyid is a contemporary musician, composer, sound designer and producer based in Bandung, Indonesia. He began releasing recordings under various monikers and labels in 2011-Now. Fahmi uses found objects (acoustic and electronic instruments) and computer to create glitch sound, sampling, granular synthesis, shimmering, swirling electronic sound of enormous range and complex-simple musicality. He is also interested in using environmental / foley sounds to express his musical ideas. Imagine the acoustic instrument severed from cliché and all of its physical limitations, shaping a bold new-alternative musical language.


Acronym (Stilla Ton | Semantica)

Acronym has shown his relentless energy and creativity as a producer, DJ and live musician by continuously releasing his own brand of electronic music on high quality labels such as Semantica, Northern Electronics and Field Records. With over a dozen releases so far, it started with him self-releasing his first record on his acclaimed own label Dimensional Exploration in the end of 2012.
Pushing already established boundaries, spanning genres and continuously evolving his sound while keeping it unmistakably his own, shows that he has not intended to stop anytime soon. With a natural aptitude for experimentation, no set is ever the same. Making every performance a unique experience for the listeners and the venue.


Nthng (Transatlantic | Lobster Theremin)

Little is known about mysterious Amsterdam producer nthng, but those who have been enraptured by his hazy, emotive and driving productions have only touched the edge of a vast shrouded techno landscape.Inspired by the early days of techno and trance, before it became a dirty word, nthng’s sound blends a heady mix of murky, undulating, tectonic drum work alongside drifting, melodic synth lines.


Yuta (Liquid Drop Groove)

YUTA is an established DJ/Organizer/Record label owner and booking agent in Japan, started his career since 2003.

His own psychedelic techno label, Liquid Drop Groove, was established in 2016 with a vision to create a space and soundwave that mimics a ripple made by a single drop on the surface of the water.

In 2017 YUTA launched Matsuri Beats Bookings and in 2019 a Deep/Modern/Psychedelic Downbeat label “Landscape” which will be showcased soon.

YUTA’s playfulness and visions are evident in his transformation from a leading Retro 90’ Goa trance DJ under Matsuri Digital, to his current techno project- Liquid Drop Groove. His music, which he describes as “Trancy Acidy Trippy Techno” and “Psychedelic Downbeats” with build-up and cinematic flow is a result of his over 15 years experience as an artist, performing at major festivals such as Eclipse Festival (Australia/Indonesia/USA) Ozora (Hungary) Psy-Fi (Holland) Lost Theory (Spain) Modem (Croatia) Tribal Gathering (Panama) Re:birth (Tokyo) rural (Tokyo) etc. And numerous clubs in Europe and Asia where The Block (Tel Aviv) Shine (Madrid) GLOW (Bangkok) OIL (Shenzhen) and VENT, Contact, VISION, WOMB, UNIT, ageHa, CIRCUS, ALZAR, g in Japan.

YUTA is running his techno label podcast on radiOzora by Ozora Festival, and organizing few times party in every year at Dommune for label showcase, wrote some articles on underground Japanese media such as Clubberia and Posivision.

In 2019 YUTA will be continuing his tour around the world and upcoming release from his techno label. Having travelled alone in Asia and reached the realization that “Life = Psychedelic” he is on a mission to continue with the concept of “Reforming Consciousness”


Zuyack (Dots to Dots | Timothy Really)

Zuyack was born in Kyoto and grew up in Osaka (Japan) where he was influenced by his brother and the booming psychedelic rave movement at the time. Zuyack is an offspring of a summer of love movement that happened in the late 90’s in Japan. 

While building his career as a DJ, he played a prominent role as a buyer for the legendary record store “Wizard Records” in Tokyo until 2005. Through his experience as a buyer he participated in many projects in the Japanese underground scene, mainly as a part of Timothy Really and playing frequently at Womb.

In 2010, he moved to Bali where has been playing regularly on the island from beach clubs to underground parties to famous venues such as Koh, Vault, Potato Head, and the Air Festival. He also started an art collective with local artist Ican Harem – Rumah 23 & Dots to Dots.

Over the years, he has supported and played alongside numerous prolific artists like Sammy Dee, Sofia Rodina, Ed Davenport, Alex Kid and more.

His sound could be described as techno and house with touches of hypnotic minimal sounds creating a story across wide and deep latitudes, evolving through low-end worlds.



Svara is modern-day sound shaman practicing sound therapy by day and smashing dancefloors at night. He is the creator of Acoustic Bioresonance – a unique experience that merges sound and light technology to induce out of body experiences and altered states of consciousness.

Before going down the rabbit hole, Svara has been a DJ for almost 15 years mainly in the Tokyo scene where he co-founded the Rainbow Disco Club festival as well as curating and producing cultural and artistic events for the cities of Berlin and Tokyo. 

As a DJ, Svara spends a long of time researching new music and his selection can include anything from ambient, techno, house, minimalism, bass, and acoustic music. He is just as comfortable playing banging techno, groovy club orientated sounds, eclectic ecstatic dance sets, or ambient electro-acoustic sound journeys.

Over the years, he has played alongside Dixon, Ame, Dj Nobu, Ben UFO, Dasha Rush, Marco Shuttle, Minilogue, Floating Points, Stefan Goldmann, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Move D, 

Craig Richards, nd_baumecker, Ulf Eriksson.



We encourage attendees to take our complimentary shuttle bus service, car or bike pool to get to the venue.

Pick up and drop off points:




The shuttle bus timetable will be announced in time.


lush dancefloor
clear soundsystem
camping grounds
toilets & showers
vegetarian food stalls
juice bar, chai corner
beers, wine & mixed drinks
art jam
information booth
first aid booth
charging stations
safe deposit
nature connections


Who is organizing this gathering?

It is being organized by the Interstellar collective and the land owner of the site as their annual outdoor dance gathering.

For the first time, Interstellar will be welcomed to the land of which our gathering takes place.

We are honored to be holding Interstellaria on the ancestral lands of the Balinese people.

What are the main activities of the gathering?

The music & dancefloor of the gathering will be ongoing for 3 days from 10 – 12 April 2020, over the Easter weekend.

The event guide which includes the site map, music line up and activity details will be sent out to ticket holders by 27.03.2020.

What facilities and services are available on site?

The site is a lush private camping ground with full facilities like toilets, showers and charging stations.

We have limited camping packages available for booking, otherwise please come prepared with your gear.

We encourage everyone to camp on-site to fully experience Interstellaria. There will be no pass-outs once you enter the site, with an exception for emergency exits only.

There will also be delicious food stalls, a bar serving coffee, tea, juices, beers, wine and mixed drinks opened throughout the event.

Our friendly and helpful crew members, security and first aid team will be available to assist attendees at all times.

As a general safety rule, please follow the signage and directions of our event crew at all times.

Why is the location kept secret?

We will only email the location to ticket holders 24 hours before the start of the gathering. This is done so to preserve the event’s privacy and to prevent unwanted attention to the lush site.

We’d need everyone’s help to not circulate the location’s details to the public and please, no geo-tagging upon arrival. It’s a combined team effort to keep it magic, this way. Thank you for your understanding.


If you are bringing your own camping gear, ensure that you’d bring all the essentials like a tent, sleeping bag, torchlight etc.

Bring clothes and accessories for all weather conditions. The nights do get cold and it might drizzle from time to time.

Use good outdoor footwear and please refrain from going barefoot on-site in case you’d step on something sharp. Barefoot dancing on the dancefloor area only should be fine.

We encourage everyone to bring their own mug, food container & cutleries for food & drinks. We are trying our best to reduce the collective waste impact.

Remember to stay hydrated! You may refill for free at our water stations on-site.

Bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent.

If you smoke, please bring a portable ashtray or stub it out at any of our communal ashtrays. We must stress that it is a nightmare to clean up the site of cigarette butts!

Bring any medication that you may need.

There are no atms or electronic payment systems on-site, please bring enough cash to sustain you for 3 days.

Donts – No, no, no.

No Littering! Please clean up after yourselves!

Strictly No BYOB (Bring your own booze) or illicit substances

No glass.

No generators and personal sound systems.

No fires, gas cookers, fire dancers or candles at all times.

No flares, fireworks or any form of explosives.

No confetti, glitter or micro decor material that is difficult to clean up.

No bad attitude or discrimination.

No Trespassing! If you know of anybody who is intending to do so or if anyone is caught doing so will be handed over to the local village authorities aka pecalang.

Bags will be checked by our crew and any banned items found will be confiscated.

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